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    This Daf 55 coupe with its very strong Renault Cléon-Fonte engine visits a world-famous circuit.

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Welcome to DAF Club Netherlands

Up to date, DAF has been the most succesful Dutch car manufacturer. Who's not familiar with the DAF passenger cars? Equipped with the fully automatic Variomatic transmission, the Daf 600 caused a sensation in the car world in 1958. The unique Variomatic made a name for itself and more models followed: the Daf 750, Daffodil (Daf 30, 31, 32) and Daf 33, and the larger 44, 46, 55 and 66 designed by the Italian master designer Michelotti.

DAF remained unconditionally loyal to the Variomatic; despite the “suspender drive bitch shaker” stigma the car acquired. Commercial vehicles were also equipped with the stepless automatic transmission: the lightweight truck Daf Pony and courier truck Kalmar Tjorven (KVD440/441). After Volvo took over the DAF passenger car division in 1975, the production of passenger cars with Variomatic continued as usual. Not only the Daf 46 and Volvo 66 were equipped with the Variomatic, but also the car that should have appeared as a DAF: the Volvo 343. This car was later also supplied with a regular (manual) gearbox, but still: the last model delivered in 1991 was equipped with the Variomatic. Starting, accelerating, braking: DAF was way ahead of its time with passenger cars with a unique Variomatic gearbox. If you look at the share of (CVT) automatic transmissions in current car sales, 'driving without doing the shifting yourself' is and was not that bad after all.

DAF Club Netherlands
DAF Club Netherlands (D.C.N.) was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiastic DAF drivers. Objective of D.C.N. is to maintain all vehicles with a Variomatic drive. So all DAF passenger cars, but also the Daf Pony, the Kalmar and the Volvos type 66, 343/345 and 340. The club has now grown to more than 2050 members and donors with more than 2950 cars, the oldest of which dates from 1959.

D.C.N. can mean a lot to you, for instance:

  • Purchase parts for your Daf in the warehouse or via the webshop
  • Have your Daf valued cheaply for car insurance purposes
  • Call on the technical committee for technical advice when repairing your car
  • Participate in technical courses regarding Variomatic, maintenance, sheet metal, brakes, etc.
  • Participate in the many events organized for and by members
  • Receive the magazine Variomatic once a quarter

If the above appeals to you, it is about time to become a member of DAF Club Netherlands!

Why wanting a DAF classic car?

If you want to drive and experience a classic car, why not choose a DAF?

Thumbs up along the way, smiling spectators when they see a DAF. "A unique Dutch classic car". "He goes backwards as fast as going forward". Sure, but besides that:

  • The unique Variomatic brings the same experience as a CVT (continuously variable transmission) or electric drive of a modern car: just accelerate and brake.
  • Parts are easy to replace and can be purchased at DAF Club Netherlands.
  • Cheaper to purchase and maintain than most other classic cars.
  • The only passenger car that has been conceived, designed and mass-produced in the Netherlands: Dutch heritage that we should be proud of and take care of.

And if you choose a DAF, then also choose a membership of DAF Club Netherlands (D.C.N.).


DAF advertentie: Met 'n DAF kunt u alle kanten uit!

"A DAF brings you everywhere!"

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