Returnable items

A deposit is levied on many articles to be reconditioned. The deposit varies from 10 to 200 euros. All parts to be overhauled such as suspension arms, rubbers, struts, leaf springs, clutch and brake parts, heating ducts and intake manifolds, cylinder heads and crankshafts, starters and alternators, Variomatics, etc. are included. The deposit you pay will be refunded if you return or send the old item clean within 1 year, accompanied by the original invoice from the DAF Club Nederland warehouse.

The old part must also be complete (has also been put together and not wholly or partially dismantled). After all, the part must be able to be overhauled. For example, with a pressure group/plate, the bottom plate/spring plate may not be cracked. These old parts are then overhauled again. This is how we keep your Daf (or Volvo with Variomatic) driving and your hobby affordable!

The warehouse often gets the question: I have a lot of used parts at home. If I hand it in without immediately buying a new part, will I already receive the deposit refund? No, but you can get proof that you have already returned one or more deposit items. If you purchase the same part new later than that, you do not have to pay a deposit on presentation of that proof (a kind of voucher). After all, you have already submitted a used part. And that "voucher" remains valid even after 1 year.