The secretariat of DAF Club Netherlands (D.C.N.) fulfills an important function. The secretary is responsible for:

  • proper preparation and reporting of the board meetings and the ALV.
  • an up-to-date administration of members and cars in close cooperation with the treasurer and the employee of the member administration.

When to contact the secretary?

1) new members

The secretariat is the first point of contact for new members. The secretariat answers all D.C.N. related questions and tries where possible to refer (prospective) members to the specialists within the association. Many owners of a DAF are members or would like to become members of the association. The secretariat, together with the member administration, is responsible for sending welcome packages. This includes the membership card, a window sticker and the club magazines of the current year.

  2) existing members

The member and car administration are used, among other things, for the sale of parts via the warehouse or the web shop. The list is also used to create new parts. In addition, it is important from a cultural-historical perspective to know which cars are available at D.C.N. are registered. If you have bought, sold or scrapped a car, you should preferably process this yourself in your car data on this site (after logging in to My DCN/My cars). If you are unable to do so, please inform the secretariat or the member administration (preferably by email). This data is then processed in the administration.

Membership card

The membership card, issued once a year, gives you access to all the benefits that D.C.N. offers. This includes buying parts or an appraisal of your precious Daf or participating in the many events, courses and other activities that are organized for our members.


Get in touch with the secretary

Contact the membership administration

Reach out to the treasurer (w.r.t. payments of membership fees)

Onze secretaris: Lynn Somsen