The technical committee (TC) occupies a very important place within DAF Club Nederland. The main goal of this committee is to provide our club members with the best possible technical support, so that you can continue to enjoy driving your DAF and/or Volvo. The TC achieves this support in various ways. What can we do for you as a club member?

Questionnaire function

Do you have a question about the technology of the DAF/Volvo or do you have a technical problem that you cannot solve yourself? The TC may be able to offer advice. The colophon of the club magazine 'Variomatic' lists the members of the committee and their telephone numbers. You can call one of the members and submit your question. We will try to answer them as best we can. It is also possible to contact the TC by email. Your question will then be dealt with by the coordinator and, if necessary, passed on within the committee.


About 4 to 6 times a year repair/maintenance days are organized at various locations throughout the country. These repair/maintenance take place in well-equipped garages with lift bridges. Without exception, all these garages give our club a warm heart! The repair/maintenance are specially intended for jobs that you cannot perform at home, for example because of the lack of a lift bridge or certain special tools. The repair/maintenance are also ideal opportunities to tinker with your car and get to know the technology if you are not yet an experienced technician. The TC is available on all repair/maintenance to support and provide you with technical advice whenever necessary. Moreover, repair/maintenance are especially great fun because everyone helps each other, young and old, experienced or not, it's always fun!

Diagnosis days

Absolutely unique and highly recommended for every DAF driver, especially the somewhat inexperienced club members are the diagnosis days. In the past, the TC was regularly approached by club members with the question: "would you like to drive my car for a while, because I don't really know how a DAF should drive exactly". This led to the diagnosis days. On a diagnosis day, someone from the TC inspects your DAF or Volvo on the basis of an extensive checklist. This check includes the general technical aspects of our cars, but also focuses in particular on those matters that a modern garage no longer understands at all. The Variomatic is a good example of this. Within our committee, the knowledge about this great transmission is still fully available. We also make a test drive with you and based on our findings you will receive an inspection report containing our findings. Naturally, we provide extensive and honest advice about expected repairs and defects that we (probably) have encountered during the diagnosis.

A diagnosis can be performed by us on any key day. And during the annual, grandiose Diagnosis Day with Supersale at the warehouse of DAF Club Nederland. On this day, the TC takes a closer look at many DAFs. You can also combine this with an appraisal and our warehouse has a huge amount of spectacular offers in store for you. The big Diagnosis Day + Supersale can now be counted as one of the "traditional" DAF Club Netherlands events!

Indispensable pieces of equipment for every DAF driver: the courses of DAF Club Nederland. Several times a year, the TC organizes courses on various topics to make your life as a DAF driver easier. Not only do our courses provide a good insight into the technology of a DAF/Volvo; they often also give you that last push to start tinkering with your car yourself when you were a bit anxious about it at first. The technology of a DAF/Volvo is relatively simple, but can still be difficult if you are less experienced in car technology. Our courses respond to this and are therefore simple in design. Moreover, they consist of a theory and a practical part so that you always have the opportunity to practice yourself.

We currently offer the following courses:

  • Introduction course --> especially for the novice DAF / Volvo driver to literally and figuratively get you started in your car. The set-up is very simple but extremely practical, which is why the starter course is an ideal basis to continue afterwards.
  • Engine tuning course --> all important aspects of engine tuning (both 2 and 4 cylinder engines) are covered in this course. Think of ignition, carburetor and valves. With a lot of background information about these matters, ideal for getting to know the engine of your DAF/Volvo.
  • Variomatic course --> of course, a course on this wonderful transmission should not be missing in our offer. The Variomatic course teaches you exactly how the Variomatic works, how to maintain it and also how to remedy minor malfunctions or defects. A must!
  •  Electrical course --> the electrical installation of our DAF or Volvo has something mysterious for many of us. In this course, the basic principles of the electrical installation are explained very clearly and with many examples. Common (electrical) faults are also discussed.
  • Sheet metal course --> unfortunately DAFs also suffer from it

Have a look at the agenda for the actual overview of planned repair/maintenance days and courses.



Technische commissie DAF Club Nederland 

The technical commission (TC) from left to right: Janhein de Rooij, Laszlo Mogyorossi, Geert Heintges (coordinator), Jan Maarten de Klein, Eugene Lapidaire, Hennie de Ruijter and Doede de Vries.




Voorbeeld sleuteldagen DAF Club Nederland



Diagnose door de Technische commissie



Voorbeeld sleuteldagen DAF Club Nederland