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DAF Club Netherlands (D.C.N.) has approximately 2000 members and donors. A membership of D.C.N. can also mean a lot to you:

- purchase parts for your Daf or Volvo in the parts warehouse.
- Have your Daf valued advantageously for the insurance.
- appeal to the technical committee for advice on repairs.
- participate in technical courses on the Variomatic, maintenance, sheet metal work, brakes, etc.
- participate in the many events organized for and by members.
- receive the club magazine 'Variomatic' once a quarter.
- purchase lots of fun and practical items in the webshop.

What benefits do you have as a member, housemate member or donor?
  member housemate member* donor
Club magazine Variomatic and Secund@irtje Yes No No
Access to events* Yes Yes Yes
Access to maintenance- and repair events and technical courses* Yes Yes Yes
Access to appraisal service of your Daf/Volvo* Yes Yes Yes
Buying spare parts in the warehouse and webshop Yes Yes No

*located in the Netherlands

If the above appeals to you, it is high time to become a member. You don't have to leave it for the money:

  One-off registration fee Contribution per year Contribution current year at registration:
Membership option September Oktober November December
Member € 20,- € 40,- € 20,- € 15,- € 10,- € 5,-
Member (youth until 25 years old) € 20,- € 25,- € 12,50 € 9,50 € 5,50 € 3,50
Housemate member* - € 10,- € 10,- € 10,- € 10,- € 10,-
Donor - € 25,- (minimum) € 12,50 € 9,50 € 5, 50 € 3, 50

With an ordinary or youth membership you pay a one-time € 20 registration fee; so the first year membership will cost € 60 or € 45 respectively

The financial year runs from January to December, regardless of the date of registration. If you join after September 1, reduced membership fees will apply for the remainder of that year as shown in the table above. The one-off registration fee, if applicable, remains € 20.00. There is no reduced rate for the Housemate membership when registering after September 1

*only possible with another registered member at the same address.

You can easily become a member in 3 steps by:

  1. fill in the registration form below
  2. pay the one-time registration fee and the contribution and 
  3. download the authorization form, complete it and return it to the member administration.

Form to sign up for a membership - DAF Club Netherlands

You already have a membership? In that case you can log in here.