Balance the Variomatic

DAF Club Netherlands balances your Variomatic!

A thumping or vibrating Variomatic can significantly reduce the driving pleasure of your DAF (or Volvo CVT). The later types are particularly sensitive to this. And that while a well-functioning and shifting Variomatic makes driving a DAF so much fun and relaxing.
The DAF Club Netherlands warehouse can balance your Variomatic. Special equipment and a trained team are available for this. The equipment was developed by DAF at the time especially for balancing Variomatics.

How can you let your Variomatic be balanced?

You hand in your Variomatic at the warehouse. The Variomatic must be perfectly cleaned (for example with a high-pressure sprayer). In practice, a mixture of oil, grease and sand has deposited on the Variomatic. So that has to go. On the one hand for the result (all that dirt can also cause imbalance) and on the other hand to make the work as pleasant as possible for the volunteers. The following can then be agreed:

  • according to you, your Variomatic is otherwise in good condition. In that case, your Variomatic will only be balanced.
  • you want your Variomatic to be checked as well. In that case we will check your Variomatic. For example, it makes no sense to balance a Variomatic whose weight carriers are worn out. Seals and the vacuum system are also checked.

What are the costs?

Balancing costs € 95 for a primary or secondary cabinet and € 175 for a complete Variomatic, regardless of whether it consists of 2 or 3 cabinets (excluding the cost of any parts that need to be replaced). The result is a DAF or Volvo that drives again, as it should. So with the characteristic whistling sound, which is not drowned out by all kinds of drone and vibration.
The magazine will balance your Variomatic/drive as well as possible. However, we cannot give a guarantee on balancing, as these are parts that have been used and/or were produced some time ago. We cannot accept any liability for damage occurring during or after balancing.

Make an appointment?

To balance your Variomatic, please make an appointment with the warehouse coordinator, via E-mail. An appointment will then be made when you can bring your Variomatic.

Contact coordinator warehouse