Why wanting a DAF as classic car?

If you want to drive and experience a classic car, why not choose a DAF?

Thumbs up along the way, smiling spectators when they see a DAF. "A unique Dutch classic car". "He goes backwards as fast as going forward". Sure, but besides that:

  •  The unique Variomatic brings the same experience as a CVT (continuously variable transmission) or electric drive of a modern car: just accelerate and brake.
  •  Parts are easy to replace and can be purchased at DAF Club Netherlands.
  •  Cheaper to purchase and maintain than most other classic cars.
  •  The only passenger car that has been conceived, designed and mass-produced in the Netherlands: Dutch heritage that we should be proud of and take care of.

And if you choose a DAF, then also choose a membership of DAF Club Netherlands (D.C.N.).



DAF advertentie: Met 'n DAF kunt u alle kanten uit!
"A DAF brings you everywhere!"