Daf Pony

Body shapes:

Truck with cargo box
Tractor with trailer
Daf Pony bakwagen
Daf Pony trekker type 1010 met oplegger type 1050

"The  fully automatic light truck"


The Daf Pony was created on the one hand by the development of a military all-rounder that could handle all kinds of terrains, the Pony 500 YP (a prototype), and on the other hand the vent wagon (project MD / dairy wagon with 3 prototypes). By combining the technology of the first with the plans of the second, DAF came up with a lorry (truck) version and a tractor-trailer version. After DAF had built several prototypes for the US Army in 1964, work continued on this concept. Due to the high ground clearance and the self-locking differential operation of the Variomatic, the Daf Pony can handle rough terrain well.

This light truck is largely based on the technology of the Daf 44, with the 844 cc 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, but also shares parts of the Daf 33 (air filter and modified carburetor). The roof and rear wall are made of polyester (and optional). Because the Pony is intended as a workhorse, there is no luxury: there is no door trim and the occupants sit on plastic canteen chairs. Because the basic version of the Daf Pony, type 1010, is supplied without a roof, the seats could get wet and plastic canteen seats sufficed, which DAF referred to at the time as 'contemporarily shaped plastic seats'.

Despite demand from various circles and praise from users of the test models, after which DAF intended to build 5000 Ponies per year, the Pony was not a commercial success. Production ended after 700 units. DAF was way ahead of its time at the time. In 1970 there was still no market for a light distribution truck in the inner cities; in this day and age of local distribution and environmental regulations, this is the kind of product that the business community is asking for...

Daf Pony lorry (truck) & tractor-trailer

Daf Pony (bakwagen, in Helios) About 46
remaining in the Netherlands
source: RDW (2023)

Version: type 1010 (basic version), tractor with trailer type 1050 (twin tires) and type 1051 (single tyres)
Years of construction:    1967 - 1969
Produced:    700

The Pony is a unique cross between a truck and a van. Technically, Daf 44 parts have been used, making this the world's first fully automatic light truck. The cabin was equipped with 2 canteen chairs: simplicity at its best. In the basic version, type 1010, the Daf Pony had an open cab without a roof. A polyester roof with rear wall and steel doors could be ordered as an accessory. A tarpaulin roof, held up by the arches, was also an option (without doors). Another accessory was the heater, which was not part of the standard package. In addition to a truck, the Pony was also available as a tractor-trailer combination; with a single axle trailer with double tires (type 1050) or single axle with single tires (type 1051). Ideal for distribution work in and around the city; DAF was far ahead of its time with this.



Total length

Total width

Total height


2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer

844 cm3

Max power 
40 hp at 4500 rotations/min.

Compression ratio 

Gross payload

Truck: 290, tractor: 310 kg

Truck: 460, tractor: 530 kg

Truck: 750, tractor: 840 kg

Capacity fuel tank
35 liter

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