Accidents can occur any time. Good (classic car) insurance is therefore very important. The valuation committee appraises members' cars with variomatic drive. An extensive method is used to determine the insurance value of the car. This is recorded in an extensive valuation report that is recognized by almost all insurers. The valuation report is drawn up in accordance with Article 960 of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code and sent by email to the owner within 4 weeks, so that the digital valuation report can be forwarded directly to his/her insurance company.

An example of a valuation report can be viewed or downloaded below.

The appraisal committee consists of six appraisers who have been trained within DAF Club Nederland and therefore have real knowledge of your car! The valuations are carried out during key days, diagnosis days or open warehouse days. Check the agenda for days on which valuations are made and/or make an appointment for this with the coordinator of the valuation committee via the form 'Application for valuation' at the bottom of this page (visible after logging in). You don't have to leave it for the costs; they only amount to € 30.
Please bear in mind that valuations can only take place located in the Netherlands.

Do you have a question about valuations? Please contact the coordinator of the valuation committee, by E-mail.

Appraisal report



Members of the appraisal committee; from left to right: Peter van Wouwe en Michel-Angelo Wijnen (coordinator), Petro Hendiks and Albert Hoving, on the separate photo above Jan-Erik Plettenburg and Dion Snoek shown underneath.