Communication with and information to its members is of great importance to DAF Club Netherlands (D.C.N.).
In addition to the physical meetings during the many events and warehouse visits, information and communication are used through various means.


On this website and via 4 social media channels, activities of and information about D.C.N.

Facebook: DAF Club Nederland

Instagram: @dafclubnederland

YouTube: DAF Club Nederland

This website and our YouTube channel are administred by Pieter Kanters and Hans Rodenburg.

All video's, pictures, copies and suggestions for this website and/or D.C.N.'s YouTube channel can be sent to .

Printed matter

The glossy club magazine Variomatic appears 4 times a year, usually consists of more than 50 pages and, in addition to articles by the board, committee chairs and the editors, also contains articles and advertisements from members.

Published around

Deadline for submissions

1 April

17 February

1 July

17 May

1 Oktober

25 August

24 December

14 November

After they're published, all editions of the club magazine 'Variomatics' can be read in our archive.

The 'Secund@irtje' appears between the 'Variomatics' when there is important news to report that needs to be shared quickly. Lately it has also been used as a super deal order list during the warehouse Supersales. Articles can then be ordered in advance from the warehouse via e-mail, which prevents waiting.

After they have been published, the 'Secund@irtjes' can also be viewed via this website.

For the 'Variomatic' and the 'Secund@irtje' the editorial committee consists of 6 members: Ronald de Jaeger, Ron Jongenelen, Peter-Paul van den Boomen, Gertjan Schutten (design), Rob Sanders and Hans Rodenburg.

Text, pictures and all suggestions for both the club magazine 'Variomatic' as well as the 'Secund@irtje' can be sent to

Because of his specific expertise, Gertjan Schutten also makes an important annual contribution to the creation of, for example, the Christmas card and the membership card.

Web administrators

DCN webredactie: Pieter Kanters 
Pieter Kanters

DCN webredactie: Hans Rodenburg
Hans Rodenburg

Members of the editorial committee

Redactiecommissie: Gertjan Schutten
Gertjan Schutten (vormgever)

Redactiecommissie: Peter-Paul van den Boomen
Peter-Paul van den Boomen

Redactiecommissie: Ron Jongenelen
Ron Jongenelen

Redactiecommissie: Hans Rodenburg
Hans Rodenburg

Redactiecommissie: Ronald de Jaeger
Ronald de Jaeger

Rob Sanders