DAF Club Netherlands

DAF Club Netherlands (hereinafter: D.C.N.), founded in 1980, is the club for all cars with Variomatic, both DAF and Volvo. These are therefore all DAF passenger cars, but also the Daf Pony, the Kalmar and the Volvo types 66 and 340. This unique Dutch piece of technology deserves to continue to exist and that is why the club is committed to keeping cars with a Variomatic running.

We do this by making driving and maintenance attractive as well as fun: car parts can be purchased at competitive prices via the warehouse and the web shop, technical knowledge is widely available within the club, cars are appraised for a particularly low rate and every club year will be filled with many challenging, fun and, above all, unforgettable events. Also special: every quarter members receive the beautiful club magazine Variomatic in which events are announced, technology is told and in which wonderful stories and photos appear about everything that has to do with variomatic vehicles.

You can understand D.C.N. has grown into a large group of enthusiastic enthusiasts of DAF and Volvo classics with Variomatic drive: more than 2050 members and donors with more than 2950 cars, the oldest of which dates from 1959.

DAF Club Netherlands can also mean a lot to you:

- you can purchase parts for your Daf or Volvo in the warehouse.
- you can have your Daf appraised cheaply for the insurance*.
- you can appeal to the technical committee for advice on repairs.
- you can participate in technical courses about the Variomatic, maintenance, sheet metal work, brakes, etc.*
- you can participate in the many events organized for and by members.
- you will receive the club magazine Variomatic once a quarter
- you can purchase many fun and practical things in the webshop.

*on location in the Netherlands

If the above appeals to you, it is high time to become a member. You don't have to leave it for the money:

Membership type Annual membership fee
Member € 40
Member (youth up to 25 years old) € 25
Housemate member* € 10
Donor € 25,- (minimum)

With a membership you pay a one-time € 20 registration fee, so the first year the membership costs € 60 or € 45, respectively. (does not apply to housemate or donor). The financial year runs from January to December, regardless of the date of registration. If you become a member after September 1, the annual contribution for members is € 20 or € 12.50 for members younger than 25 years. The one-time entrance fee remains €20. The annual contribution for housemate members and donors remains € 10 and € 25 respectively.

*only possible with another member registered at the same address.

You can easily become a member in 3 steps:

1) Fill the registration form

2) pay the one-off registration fee and the contribution and

3) download the authorization form, fill it out and send it to the treasurer.