DAF Club Netherlands' warehouse

Keeping your Daf or Volvo (with Variomatic) running is the core activity of DAF Club Nederland (D.C.N.). For this, D.C.N. a large warehouse with more than 13,000 different articles. From bolts and nuts to sheet metal, parts for your engine and Variomatic, workshop and parts books, maintenance products and tools. The warehouse is non-profit and run by volunteers. The proceeds are used to make and buy new parts.

How do I get my parts?

1) Visit the warehouse in Geldrop

The warehouse is open 2 to 3 Saturdays a month from 10AM until 3PM. Check the calendar voor de open magazijndagen. You're welcome at the Spaarpot 26 te Geldrop. You can pay by card and cash in the warehouse (notes of € 200 and € 500 are not accepted).

2) Order in the webshop: quick and easy

A wide range of parts, documentation and tools can be found in the webshop. A selection of the most common parts is included in the webshop. You can order the other 12,000 parts by E-mail.

3) Order via E-mail

You can also order the parts from the warehouse and have them shipped. For a quick quote: magazijn@dafclub.nl.

If possible, we ask you to provide the following information: year of manufacture, car type and service number, your membership number and telephone number. You will then receive a quote. If you want to order the parts, transfer the amount from the quote. The parts are then sent via PostNL.

Different rates apply to heavier orders and orders abroad. These are on the quotation that we make for you. We cannot send all parts, such as oversized or fragile parts such as windows.

Rules for buying at the warehouse or webshop.

The parts are only available to members of D.C.N.. We want the sometimes scarce parts to end up with members who have a car for which these parts are intended. That is why you can only buy as a member and appropriate numbers of parts for your own - at D.C.N. registered cars. This also applies to the parts that are on sale.

Changes in your cars can be administred in the form My cars in the membership portal.

Bij aankopen in het magazijn kunnen we naar je lidmaatschapskaart vragen.

Parts prices for handling claims

When handling claims, the claims company draws up a claim estimate for the insurer's expert. D.C.N. can provide you with a quote for the necessary parts. An invoice is made for this on member number / name, focused on your car and damage. With this invoice, the expert can draw up a correct damage report for you. Because this is a time-consuming job, € 100 is requested in advance for this invoice. If you then buy the relevant parts for 50% or more of the invoice price from the D.C.N. warehouse, you will be refunded € 75.00. If you buy all invoiced parts from D.C.N., you will receive the full € 100 back.

Address & contact

The warehouse is located at Spaarpot 26 in Geldrop


Contact coordinator warehouse

Warehouse: Stichting Onderdelenvoorziening D.C.N.

The spare parts warehouse for members of DAF Club Netherlands is housed in the Stichting Onderdelenvoorziening D.C.N., abbreviated S.O.V., registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 41168689.